When Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt nailed the edgy camouflage trend

Make way for the camouflage prints that are pushing the fashion borders and are a hit with the B-townies. – When Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt nailed the edgy camouflage trend

Bollywood is synonymous with edgy fashion, quirky styles and dynamic trends that are up for grabs and emulated by ardent fans and fashion aficionados. The latest trend to take the tinsel town by storm is that of military print, which has witnessed celebs owning and flaunting it with much gusto and élan. This army uniform trend is such a rage with the civilians that it has seamlessly found a happy place as formal and casual wear. Making its foray from the runway to celebrity wardrobes, this trend adds a dash of edginess to the boring and staple wardrobe. Weathering rough conditions like the terrain, seasons, nature, this tried-and-tested trend deserves a crisp salute. Vouched for by a slew of fashion designers, this trend works well for summers as well as winters.

While florals, stripes, and quirky prints may have their charm, camouflage prints are pushing the fashion borders. Finding their way into jackets, cargo pants, jackets, dresses, denims and dungarees, this trend is gender neutral with the potential to make anyone go weak in the knees when paired appropriately. Last year, we witnessed a slew of celebs incorporating this trend in their multiple appearances at the airport and for promotional style files. As they say, the uniform makes all things desirable, here’s a rundown on how the B-town has embraced the military trend.

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Ranveer Singh

If it’s quirky, it has to be Ranveer Singh! Upping his style antics with each appearance, Ranveer’s cool and casual take on athleisure with camouflage printed matching tee and skinnies from Addidas had everyone gaping with amazement.

Showing us yet another way to spruce up the good old athleisure, Ranveer was snapped sporting a camouflage jacket over a basic tee and joggers. The Fedora, sunnies and camouflage combat shoes simply add to the charm and bear testimony to the fact that there is no style maverick like Ranveer Singh.

Farhan Akhtar

Tinsel town’s rockstar, Farhan is known for his casual sense of style. Embracing the camouflage trend, Farhan blended it seamlessly and flaunted a jacket over a basic look of a tee and cargo shorts. The combat boots, beard and unkempt hair are also in sync with this casual vibe.

Shah Rukh Khan

Camouflage prints are tricky to pull off with balancing being the key to achieving that perfect look. Pairing camouflage cargo pants aptly with a basic white tee, King Khan Shah Rukh Khan doles out a sartorial style move by throwing in a pair of denim jacket and metallic silver sneakers.

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Trust SRK to embrace raging trends and nail them with aplomb! Throwing in a frayed black tee with camouflage cargo pants, the metallic sneakers are a perfect companion for this military look.

Sidharth Malhotra

If SRK balanced the tricky print with white, then the Student of the Year, Sidharth did it with a black full sleeved tee and white sneakers. We love and approve!

Alia Bhatt

Sid’s fellow Student of the Year, Alia Bhatt, too, jumped aboard the camouflage print bandwagon with a snazzy dungaree dress and dark green coloured pointy toes. Steering clear of accessories, she looked chic, didn’t she?

Ranbir Kapoor

Wearing a pair of camouflage cargos with a dark tee, a red cap and combat boots, Ranbir indeed made a poignant case for the army print.

Camouflage prints can set alight the mood of any occasion when done correctly. Catapulting your look to the new now, the military style adds a flair of elegance, edginess and a serious whiff of confidence. This print borders high on the minimalist vibe and should be on your shopping list for sure!

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