HomenewsWhen Shabana Azmi’s film Arth blew Vidya Balan’s mind

When Shabana Azmi’s film Arth blew Vidya Balan’s mind

Vidya Balan watched Arth in the middle of her 12th exams and fell in love with what she saw.

Actor Vidya Balan, known for portraying strong willed characters, reminisced the moment when she watched the 1982 film Arth, starring Shabana Azmi and Smita Patil. She “just fell in love” with it. “I was in the middle of my 12th exams. I had a history exam and I was really not interested in the exam and happened to switch on the TV. I saw ‘Arth’ and just fell in love with what I saw.

“I loved the fact that this woman in the end of the film walked away saying ‘What if I was the one who had done this, would you have accepted me?’ He says ‘No’. And she walks away. That blew my mind. I have never seen that,” Vidya said on the CNN-News18’s show Virtuosity. The film’s actors Shabana and Smita “completely blew” her mind as well. “In one viewing, I knew the dialogues of the films. I knew moments from the films so while I was studying I would go up to my friend’s terrace and study… sometimes in the open, but what actually I was doing there was enacting scenes from ‘Arth’,” she added.

Vidya, who has hardly cared about her appearance and the criticism she has faced from people regarding her weight, says that the past five years of her life have been a roller coaster healthwise. “In these past five years actually I went through some health issues which are not serious but niggling ones. I have ignored them for a very long time and the medication I took back fired and it changed my body further,” said Vidya on the show.

“I am someone who is wholesome but am also some one who exercises very regularly. But there was a time when because of this, my body changed dramatically and I wasn’t very happy about it,” she added. Vidya says that the problems made her question herself if she was happy with her body or not. “I began to question myself that am I comfortable with my body. So I think these past five years have been a roller coaster for me in more ways than one. I did talk about celebrating my body, my sexuality during the ‘Dirty Picture’, not to make a point or anything but it was just a spin off of the film because suddenly I have put on 12 kgs for the film and I was showing it off. Everyone was just talking about the film and the fact that despite the weight, I was celebrating my body. I was looking sexier than ever, so, people were asking me those questions which is when I began to talk about how comfortable I am with my body which I am most certainly,” Vidya, who was last seen in Begum Jaan said.

The episode, featuring Vidya, will be aired on Saturday.


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