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Watch video: Sahil Khan gets massage from hot bikini babes

Controversial actor Sahil Khan is living life king size and partying on a yacht and not to forget the hot, sensual massage he is getting from a hot blonde

Sahil Khan may have disappeared from the Bollywood scene, but in personal life, he doesn’t seem to be doing so bad. The ‘Style’ actor is leading a life filled with beautiful women, yacht parties, and champagne. In other words, he is leading life king-size. He led a very controversial life here, with marrying Negar Khan to save her from deportation to getting in a fight with Ayesha Shroff, wife of Jackie Shroff. Ayesha and Sahil were business partners, till things went kaput and Sahil accused Ayesha of having an affair with him to which Ayesha responded by saying that the actor was homosexual. Here are some pictures from his Instagram account which prove that his bad days are behind him.


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