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This video of Dwayne Johnson kissing Priyanka Chopra on her cheek will make you say, ‘how sweet!’ – check it out

Dwayne Johnson caught Priyanka Chopra off guard by planting a kiss on her cheek and we can’t stop watching it on loop! – This video of Dwayne Johnson kissing Priyanka Chopra on her cheek will make you say, ‘how sweet!’ – check it out

If you’re a Dwayne Johnson fan by any chance, you’re going to fall more in love with him for this gesture! The actor, who shares screen space with Priyanka Chopra in Baywatch, planted a sweet kiss on her cheek at the Baywatch premiere and we can’t stop talking about it! As you folks might know, the entire movie cast was present in Miami to attend the world premiere of their upcoming film. So while Priyanka was busy charming a reporter on the red carpet, The Rock walked in and greeted her with a sweet kiss on her cheek. It was so so cute that we have literally been watching it on loop. We all know what a congenial person PeeCee is and how she can break the ice so well, you wouldn’t even notice. Maybe these two really hit it off well on the sets.

Damn, we still can’t stop thinking about the video. It is so cute! Since she is the antagonist in the film, the diva told a journo on the red carpet how she tried her best to be a jerk but something stopped her. “We got on really well, though I tried really hard to be a jerk, I couldn’t because everyone was super fine,” she was quoted saying. That itself says a lot about the kind of rapport she has built with her Baywatch buddies. Well, to be honest, if everyone in the Baywatch cast is like Dwayne, it wouldn’t be hard to believe that they all are really chill with each other.

https://twitter.com/yasiru_vismini/status/863589548906790914″ target=”_blank”>https://twitter.com/yasiru_vismini/status/863589548906790914

We do feel bad that Dwayne couldn’t make it to India because of a packed schedule. But we’re convinced that if he did come here, he would’ve had a blast with PeeCee as his host. Their camaraderie is just another level! At a lot of places, Priyanka has spoken about what a great guy Dwayne is. In fact, even at the red carpet, she couldn’t stop gushing about her co-star. That’s exactly when he showed up in the frame. You might have seen the red carpet pics we shared. Wearing a shimmery blue Halston dress, the diva totally rocked the look. In terms of fashion, there’s no denying that she is the boss of red carpet!

Anyway, going back to the video, wouldn’t you fans want Priyanka and Dwayne to be paired romantically opposite each other? We surely want that to happen! Tell us in the comments box below. Stay tuned to this space for hot scoop and latest updates.

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