Sunny Leone adopts a girl from Latur, names her Nisha Kaur Weber

Bollywood actress and model Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber have adopted a baby girl from the Latur district of Maharashtra and have named her Nisha Kaur Weber

Sunny Leone and husband Daniel Weber

Actress Sunny Leone and husband Daniel Weber are proud parents of a baby girl. Even though, the child wasn’t born to them biologically, they have adopted a 21-month old girl from Latur, a district in Maharashtra.

According to an interview in Hindustan Times, Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber were ecstatic about their daughter, Nisha. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Sunny says, “Right now, it’s all so brand new because it has just been a few days. The moment we got the picture (of Nisha); I was so excited, happy, emotional and [experienced] so many different feelings. We literally had three weeks to finalise everything. Usually, people get nine months to prepare (laughs). She further added, “I don’t know about everybody else, but for us, it didn’t matter even for a second whether it was our child or she not being our biological child. For us, it was about starting a family and I might not [have a biological child] because of our schedules and so many other things but we both thought, ‘why don’t we just adopt?’ Of course, we are going to have to adjust a lot of different things but I do believe that God brings people in your life and does things for you only when you are ready for it. She has come to us at 21 months, so she is mobile, can function, and going to be able to communicate with us. Also, we have a great network of people and family around us. She is still a tiny baby right now, so we can structure our lives and figure out how we are going to move forward with projects.”

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