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Sofia Vergara’s trainer Sebastien Lagree shares tips on how to lose inches while keeping your curves

The fitness instructor shared with HOLA! USA his best practices for getting in the right workout without messing up your shape.

Working out shouldn’t be a sacrifice to a woman’s curves but a celebration of feeling fit and being your best self. Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara, who has trained with celebrity trainer Sebastien Lagree for ten plus years on his Megaformer machines, is a perfect example. “Sofia wanted to do a high intensity workout that would be low impact on her knees,” Sebastien told HOLA! USA. “She started coming three days a week and now has a couple machines in her house.”

And despite the fact that Joe Manganiello’s wife doesn’t love to hit the gym, she has found a method that works to keep her “booty” and body in shape. For women like the 44-year-old actress who want to lose inches but maintain their shapely figures, Sebastien said, “There are ways that you can do it, but you really have to balance out the nutrition to losing a little bit of weight which means eating less or changing your diet with the right amount of exercise.”

The trainer, who has also worked with Jennifer AnistonAlessandra Ambrosio and a slew of other top models, noted that “diet alone will get rid of both the inches and the curves. Muscles are what will help you to keep your curves.” Now, the Los Angeles-based trainer is helping clients around the world get a proper workout in a significantly reduced amount of time with his new machine Supra. Spare 25 minutes and follow these best practices so that you too can strengthen and tighten your figure with these total-body exercises.

Sebastien: You can actually see better results in 25 minutes than in an hour. I knew that I had to basically get 50 minutes worth into 25 minutes so the supra is not like a traditional machine. It’s actually this Megaformer that inclines and tilts. When you work out with that level of intensity, you don’t have to work out for that long.


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