HomenewsSofia Hayat says she is reincarnation of 'Goddess Isis'

Sofia Hayat says she is reincarnation of ‘Goddess Isis’

Bigg Boss reality star, model and self proclaimed ‘nun’, Sofia Hayat has shared a post on her Instagram account saying she is the reincarnation of ‘Goddess Isis

Sofia Hayat. Pic/Sofia Hayat’s Instagram account

Sofia Hayat is a self-proclaimed nun, spiritual guru, and a few more things. She shocked the world when couple of years ago she denounced the world and became a ‘Nun’. While, we were thinking she might have really given up on worldy pleasures, she got married to another ‘spiritual being’, Romanian interior designer Vlad Stanesc.She is back with her ‘nunsense’ yet again. This time she has posted a picture of herself on her Instagram account claiming to be an incarnation of Goddess Isis, Female Christ and a number of other spiritual entities.

Sofia Hayat shared the following post about her husband, calling him her father, her sun.


She even visited a cryosauna, a concept very unheard of. See the video:

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