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Sherlyn Chopra Latest Hot Photos at Stylish Divas

Bollywood Actress Sherlyn Chopra Latest Hot Photos at Stylish Divas

Sherlyn Chopra mother is Persian Muslim and she never supported in her career, to nurturing to Sherlyn Chopra has always been a time pass for her mother, while her father has always full of negative thoughts and he also never supported her. At last she turned towards her career in Telugu films and started her a career as an actor, later she got the huge exposure through the playboy magazine photo shoot.

At the beginning, her bollywood career she did not shine as such, but her nude photo shoot for the playboy magazine got her all the glory. Again, this was also a big glass of controversy to handle. Many of her antique nude shots can be found on twitter posted from her profile. She maintained her popularity graph from the bolder side.

Over the internet there are many controversies seen, one of the famous one was when the actor posted on twitter that many-a-time she has been contacted to sleep with and get paid for the same. It can also be a prima facie. In other words, she posted in twitter “Money even means paid sex for me” and Moreover she was easily agreed this statement. This was a part of her confession. She also said in the same post that of all these instance she doesn’t like to remember any such instance to talk about. This was some kind of great physical intimacy coming at a price.


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