Rihanna found love in Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel?

The identity of Rihanna’s mystery man has been revealed! Read details. – Rihanna found love in Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel?

Here’s an interesting new chapter in RiRi’s life! The songstress was spotted cozying up with Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel, at a beach in Spain. As per various reports, she was spotted kissing him and was obviously startled by the media gaze. People.com states that the diva had donned a gorgeous brown strapless bikini and was sipping champagne in between her kissing rendezvous. Initially he was termed as a ‘mystery man’ who was spotted along with the Work hitmaker. But Dailymail.uk soon managed to get a good hold of his background.

And he is none other than Hassan Jameel, a well known business tycoon. His family, runs an organization going by the name, Abdul Latif Jameel, that own rights to sell Toyota Motor vehicles in Saudi Arabia as well as in various other Middle Eastern countries. Of course, Rihanna’s relationship isn’t just a casual date, say some sources. A report on The Sun confirms that a source told them, what’s between RiRi and Jameel is a real deal. Words like love have been flung about to explain just how serious she is about the new man in her life. However, the singer herself hasn’t confirmed her relationship status just yet! Perhaps she might take to her Instagram and post a pic with her bae, as a symbol that it’s official? We’ll have to be patient about that and wait for her to proclaim the same to the world. Oh but that’s not the only interesting thing about this budding relationship.

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Jameel shares a past with supermodel, Naomi Campbell! Shocked, a little? We all know that the two gorgeous ladies have had beef in the past. So much so, that they actually unfollowed each other on Instagram. When approached, they have steadily denied having any sort of disagreement but you see, there’s no smoke without fire, right? Anyway, it’s interesting to learn that Jameel and Campbell were a thing a year ago. We wonder what RiRi has to say about that. We are not going to prod any further into this but wait for the singer to tell us what’s really cooking.

Till then, stay tuned to this space and we’ll get you all the scoop.

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