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Rhea Chakraborty narrates a spooky incident that happened on the sets of Dobaara

I believe in spirits and ghosts. – Rhea Chakraborty narrates a spooky incident that happened on the sets of Dobaara

Rhea Chakraborty will be next seen in a special appearance in the upcoming horror film Dobaara. The movie stars Huma Qureshi and Saqib Saleem in lead roles, on behest of whom Rhea agreed to do a minor but important role in it. As I totally share an interest in horror films with Rhea, I called her up to talk about the role. Excitedly, she lent us some details about Dobaara, and also let us in on her penchant for the genre. She talked about how she would love to star in a remake of The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and narrated a spooky incident that happened on the sets of the sets of Dobaara.

And while we were at it, we asked about her role in the upcoming comedy Bank Chor. Here are excerpts from our conversation, and fair warning, you might feel a chill go down your spine.

Are you a fan of horror film yourself?

I am. I am scared of watching them, but I still watch them.

Which is your favourite horror film, apart from Dobaara?

Umm…I really like The Exorcism of Emily Rose. And I like Paranormal Activity 2. Not 1, not 3, but 2. These two are my favourite. Even The Exorcist. It is to good. They are still scary.

While filming Dobaara did you experience something spooky? Or for that matter ever experienced something spooky in your life?

Honestly, while filming Dobaara we did experience something spooky. So we have a mirror in the film that is unbreakable. There is this shot where Saqib has to come and break that mirror. And it was made of a certain glass that will break in a second. You know they had changed the glass for the shot, so that we can break it. So, Saqib came and tried to break it and it did not break. Everybody laughed at him. We were like go to the gym, workout on your biceps and come back tomorrow and all that.

So, the next day we were doing the reading, the shot had been pushed for the next day. Suddenly, the glass shattered on its own. We were obviously shit scared, but there were many ideas we came up with like air pressure was more or less, humidity was there but who knows!

I hope you guys did not call a pandit to do pooja and all!?

We did! The team flew down a pandit from Bombay to come there in the next two days. And he did a pooja so that…just in case you never know. I believe in spirits and ghosts.

We did feel safe after the pandit ji had left. If anything had happened then we’d have told pandit ji.

One horror film you’d want to be remade in Hindi?

The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

And who’d you want to cast in it?

I want to be in it.

Playing the lawyer or Emily?

Emily Rose. Because I think it’s fun to be the one who is at the thick of everything that is happening. That is what you want. That’s more exciting.

Who’d you want to cast as the lawyer and the priest?

I think as the priest, Irrfan Khan would be great. And as the lawyer, I think we will do a role reversal and keep Saqib. Because I am the lawyer in Dobaara. So, let’s make Saqib a lawyer this time. I am the lawyer in Dobaara and I am the one warning everybody saying ‘don’t make the same mistake again.’ and no one is listening to me. So, let Saqib go through it now.

Nice! How was your experience working with Saqib? And Huma?

Saqib, Huma and me are really close friends. We are almost like family. Like it has been years – Saqib was my first co-star. Then these guys told me. So my role is a special appearance and I did it for Saqib and Huma because they are my friends.

Like it is a genuine scary film and is different from the usual horror films that are there these days. Which mostly have some sex angle to it, which Dobaara doesn’t have. It is a genuine horror film. Like a pure horror, which people want to see. You’d actually be scared. I have liked Praval Sir’s work. I have liked him since the time of Gaayab and I was keen to work with him. Saqib and Huma helped me.

They made my life more fun.

Horror movies in India are not at par with Hollywood contemporaries. Do you think we lack somewhere in terms of horror?

I think of course we do. But things might change. Like Dobaara is an official remake of Oculus. It is not copied. Sometimes it happens with a lot of films, in Bollywood. Films are copied. They don’t give credit to the original film. So this official remake might change it.

Yes, we do lack in the horror space and I hope with films like Dobaara – people come and enjoy it, so that makers make money, and eventually more horror films start getting made.

Do you like mixing horror with other genre? Like horror comedy?

I like it but then like I don’t get it. It is not my kind of genre.

So what makes horror movie experience scary for you? The music, jump scares, the story…

Firstly, I am a very big fattu. I can’t watch horror films alone or in a dark room. I would want to but it would not happen. But I think the drama, that build up that something is scary is going to happen is more scary for me than the ghost. The prelude is what scares me.

Tell us something about your role in Bank Chor?

I am excited for Bank Chor. I am playing an entertainment journalist, like yourself. You’d be connect with that. My character is called Gayatri Ganguly urf GaGa. She is an entertainment journalist who believes that just because I am an entertainment journalist and a girl doesn’t mean that I can’t have a valid opinion on any other issue other than entertainment. I also want to cover other stories. By being the person she lands up in front of the bank where the robbery is taking place.

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