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Pretty in peach! Deepika Padukone just made our morning brighter with her airport look – view HQ pics

How many points for this beautiful airport style of Deepika Padukone? – Pretty in peach! Deepika Padukone just made our morning brighter with her airport look – view HQ pics

Everyone who has been complaining about Deepika Padukone’s fashion game are going to be in for a pleasant surprise after looking at these latest pictures. I mean, no seriously! We saw how disgracefully she turned up at the Met Gala 2017 or for that matter, take for instance any of her recent outings and you would exactly know how she has been suffering faux pas, one outing at a time. The fashion police too has been ticking her off quite oftenly. But like they say, ‘better late than never’, these latest airport pics of Deepika will FINALLY give you more than one reasons to gush about the dimpled beauty.

Where her smile is enough to light up a dull day, Deepika looked like a dream wearing a peachy pink maxi dress from her home brand collection of All About You. I love how she’s coordinated her bag, belt and shoes to give a contrast to her peachy outfit. If you ask me to rate DP on this look on a scale of 10 then I would definitely go for a 10-10 for she looks so summer ready and the whole feel of the dress is so refreshing. Thank you Deepika for finally waking up to this beautiful fashion sense. We missed THIS!

Reminds us how DP had recently clarified about not getting affected by the flak on her fashion game. She said, “My focus is to feel good. Some may like what I wear, some may not. And it’s perfectly okay. I am not dressing up for you, I am dressing for myself. The intention is to have fun. But I think there’s too much focus on clothes. I think as a woman, I enjoy dressing up and the intention is to have fun. The clothes are exciting but there’s more to an event than clothes! I have always looked at everything as an opportunity and what you make of it. It’s not just about what you are wearing but having the privilege of being at an event like that. My focus is to feel good in what I wear and meet some interesting people, as those are the memories that last with you forever. The only time that I would be truly concerned about what I wear is if my mother or girlfriends give me flak for it. That’s the only time I allow a comment to enter my life.”

In that case, I think this recent airport look is a combination of comfort meets style and reflection of A game fashion sense. What do you think? Tell us in the comments below and keep watching this space for more.

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