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Post Niti Taylor’s exit, Ekta Kaul to be the new heroine in Ghulaam

Ekta Kaul is the new actress in Ghulaam – Post Niti Taylor’s exit, Ekta Kaul to be the new heroine in Ghulaam

Ekta Kaul is best known as Riya Mathur from Star Plus’ show Mere Angne Main. She is going to join the cast of Ghulaam. As we know, names like Pooja Banerjee, Ekta Kaul and Pooja Gaur were doing the rounds but we guess, it was Ekta who was the chosen one. She is a toughie on the show and a girl who does not hesitate from a physical fight. We know that Ghulaam is about misogyny in India’s heartland and Ekta is the perfect choice for the role of a mean girl, who can give it back. Ekta, is trained in martial arts and knows about self-defence. She is also not someone who will hesitate to pack in some punches if provoked.

In a statement to The Times of India, she said, “I am trained in martial arts and I know everything about self-defence. I remember hitting an eve-teaser in Chandigarh. When he tried to escape on his bicycle, I pushed him, lifted his cycle and threw it on him! So, if this role requires me to fight a male actor on screen, it will not be difficult for me.” As of now, it is Niti Taylor who is seen as Shivani on the show. She played the role of a rather timid girl but Ekta is a real contrast. The Mere Angne Main actress is not at all hesitant about stepping into Niti’s shoes. She told the paper, “I’m not stepping into anybody’s shoes. I am playing the new lead, but my role is very different from Niti’s. She was playing a mild, docile girl who was easily suppressed. My role is that of a tough woman.” In Mere Angne Main, Ekta as Riya, was not a girl who took things lying down. She apparently quit the show as she needed a break after marriage.

Life Ok’s Ghulaam is one of the best shows for the channel. It stars Param Singh and Vikkas Manaktala in lead roles. She told the publication, “When I started watching ‘Ghulaam’, I realised that the story was different and the women characters on the show also had equally meaty roles. It is very important that women don’t get stereotyped on screen. I would never want to play a typical bahu, who is constantly crying. In my previous show also, though I played a regular bahu, it was a strong character.” Stay tuned to Bollywood Life for more scoop and updates.

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