HomenewsPia Bajpai to go bald in Abhiyum Anuvum

Pia Bajpai to go bald in Abhiyum Anuvum

Pia Bajpai to go bald in Abhiyum Anuvum.

Actress Pia Bajpai, who will be seen in a bilingual Tamil/Malayalam film “Abhiyum Anuvum”, will be sporting a bald look in the movie. Pia will be seen opposite actor Tovino Thomas in the Yoodlee Films production. “I’m having a bald look for a couple of scenes in the film and it’s been very challenging for me. It used to take three to four hours just to place that properly and have that look. For a fact, if I had to start the shoot at 7 a.m., I had to start getting ready at 3 a.m. And more than that the whole day for 12-13 hours having that on my head, was very difficult,” said Pia in a statement.

“I couldn’t move my head much or laugh. Even if my head got itchy, I couldn’t do anything about that. With so much spray and glue. I just couldn’t wait to get home and get that off. And it used to take easily that many hours to even remove that,” she added. It was so tedious for Pia that she even considered going bald truly than wearing a wig. “I really thought shaving my head would be so much better than wearing that wig, but then my director told me this look was just for three to four days that too during the initial days of the shoot. Hence, I wasn’t allowed to shave my head which I would have preferred,” said Pia.

Pia Bajpai to go bald in Abhiyum Anuvum


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