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Organisers of London gig likely to hold take-down press conference against Bipasha Basu, Karan Singh Grover

A day after the public spat between Bipasha Basu and Ronita Rekhi grew bitter, organisers of the London gig have decided against paying for the actress’ return ticket to Mumbai

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover

A day after the public spat between Bipasha Basu and Ronita Sharma Rekhi, an official of the India-Pakistan London Fashion Show, grew bitter, the organisers of the event have decided against paying for the actress and husband Karan Singh Grover's return ticket to Mumbai.

"If she decided to not do the show, she should have the dignity to take the next flight back home. I have cancelled her return ticket," Ronita told mid-day, further adding that the actress and Karan have been roaming about in London even after the show got over. "We've borne too many losses because of her. No more paying for her fun."

Bipasha was apparently appointed to walk the ramp at the show, but left the organisers in a soup after refusing to leave her hotel room because her demands were not met with. "There was a little confusion and this is what she did," says Ronita, adding, "My client didn't have so much money to afford her suite at the last minute."

Bipasha and Karan were also accompanied by the former's manager, Sana, who was reportedly stranded in London after the incident. Ronita arranged for her flight to Mumbai. Ever since the actress and the organisers took to social media to shame one another, Ronita claims fans of the celebrity duo have been trolling her incessantly.

"I am going to call a press conference and expose her if needed. I've requested the hotel to source CCTV footage to show what a fit she threw. I have witnesses to substantiate my claims. She will have to apologise for her behaviour. I am not scared."

The actress' team had earlier released a statement blaming the organisers for the furore. Sources close to Bipasha added, "When Bipasha and Karan landed, there was no car to receive them. The car landed two hours later. They hadn't even booked a hotel for her. Since it was a hospitality deal, Bipasha was going to stay longer, even after the show was over. She'd to make an emergency call to the hotel which she had booked for after the show, with her personal money and arranged her stay over there for the entire trip. She will be staying in London as per their original plan and she is using her own money for that. The organisers can claim what they want to. The relevant information is all on email."

Bipasha's team sent out a statement, "She is a thorough professional. Unfortunately, the organisers didn't honour their commitment in terms of hospitality and logistics. On landing, Bipasha had to book a hotel on her own. What happened was completely unprofessional on the organisers' part."


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