HomenewsNeena Gupta’s Instagram post seeking work inspires Priyanka Chopra

Neena Gupta’s Instagram post seeking work inspires Priyanka Chopra

Popular actress Neena Gupta, 58, is looking for work. – Neena Gupta’s Instagram post seeking work inspires Priyanka Chopra

Neena Gupta needs no introduction in the film industry. The powerhouse of talent has entertained us over the years with TV series like Saans and Siski. She has hosted the Indian version of The Weakest Link andher style and nuance on the show were super popular. She has won the National Award for Best Supporting Actress for the film Woh Chokri Today. With so much to her credentials, her latest Instagram post is not something you can imagine. The actress is asking for work on Instagram.

Yep, the actress, who is 58, has no qualms about asking for a job. And we all should take inspiration from the gesture. Neena shared a beautiful picture of herself on Instagram page with the caption, “I live in Mumbai and working am a good actor looking fr good parts to play,”. Her daughter Masaba Gupta of course is super proud of her, and reposted the image with the caption and wrote a long, inspiring note for her. But Masaba is not the only one impressed, Priyanka Chopra too was touched by the post and wrote “Inspired” in the comments section. Screenshots of the post with the comment have gone viral on the internet. Dear Neena, you are an inspiration and we cannot wait to see you back on screen again.

Talking about her mum Neena, Masaba had written “Just the other day I was telling someone .. how I am never afraid/shy to ask for work. It’s obviously genetic. My mother put up this post on her Instagram today. I mean, my 62-year-old national award winning mother. She told me I must always work .. no matter what .. it keeps you from getting old…she told me they don’t write for women her age anymore … I don’t think anyone can replicate what she did for TV anymore.. she complains that she can’t do PR .. but says ‘I do good work, that’s my PR’.. time and again we’ve spoken about how whatever she asks for … in due time, she gets… But that’s the magic of a pure heart. The universe just can’t refuse you… the only advice I have the guts to give her is.. don’t work with anyone who won’t respect you, at this age, that’s the bare minimum & it’s a strange strange industry she’s in… the advice she gives me in return is.. ‘whatever you do, free ka PR mat khaana, your only someone’s kid/wife/niece/sister for this long. Prove yourself. WORK. Walk the talk & fly ♥️,” Isn’t that the sweetest?

Priyanka Chopra currently is shooting for the Hollywood film Isn’t It Romantic. She will soon start filming for the third season of her ABC thriller Quantico. We hear that Quantico is getting bigger this season with more action and thrill. Also, Priyanka Chopra has announced that she will soon produce a comedy TV series for ABC, which will be based on the life of Bollywood diva Madhuri Dixit, after she settled in USA with her husband.

Well, more power to both the ladies.


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