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Nargis Fakhri is learning and teaching Hindi at the same time

Foreign import Nargis Fakhri takes language classes on mobile app, gives lessons to fans too

Nargis Fakhri. Pic/Getty Images

Nearly six years into Bollywood, Nargis Fakhri has often admitted to her struggles with speaking ‘decent’ Hindi. In an attempt to polish her language skills, the actress has started taking Hindi classes on her mobile app. What’s more, she is even training fans-cum-app users in the language.

A source tells mid-day, “A fun feature in her mobile app allows her to learn Hindi, and users can learn with her. Nargis has hired a tutor to teach her and is learning one new word every day. She is making this experience interactive by asking users questions related to the word. It’s a new experience for her and her fans.”

The 37-year-old plays recorded conversations with her teacher on loop and then logs into her app to share the newly acquired knowledge with fans. “At times, her fans also help her construct sentences from words she learns. In the end, there will be an examination for them and Nargis.”

Speaking to us from Los Angeles, where she is currently shooting for her next film, Nargis says, “I am excited about this. Given my busy schedule, it’s easier to learn Hindi on the go. My app helps me do that. I have learnt a bunch of muhawara (idioms). Magarmachh ke aansoon (crocodile tears) is my favourite idiom to drop in every conversation.”

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