Meghan Markle struggles with British knowledge in fun quiz – see the video!

Meghan Markle tried out her knowledge of Britain in a quiz, and it didn’t go too well! Watch the hilarious video

Meghan Markle has been quizzed on her knowledge of British culture – and she definitely needs a little revision! The Suits actress, who is currently dating Prince Harry, tried to answer questions about the UK while promoting the sixth series of the hit law TV series, and couldn’t help but laugh about the weird and wonderful answers to some of the questions.

Although the star worked out that ‘Fursty Ferret’ was a real ale, knew that a trashcan is called a bin and pants are called trousers, she struggled on some of the other questions during the interview with the TV network Dave. In one instance, she was asked what the “apples and pears” meant, and joked: “I feel like I’ve been taken down a rabbit hole! What does apples and pears mean? I really have no appropriate answer for that!” She also found out that a sidewalk was called a path, calling the name “romantic.” She said: “That actually sounds really romantic! Take a little stroll down the path.”

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Meghan was also amazed by the national animals of England, Scotland and Wales, and pointed out that a British camerawoman also didn’t have a clue that a lion was the national animal of England. “Am I supposed to know that? You don’t know that,” she said, pointing at someone off screen. “The girl on camera doesn’t know either. It’s a lion, appropriate!”

The 34-year-old was delighted to find out that the national animal of Scotland is a unicorn, saying: “No! Really? It’s a unicorn! We’re all moving to Scotland.” When she found out it was a dragon in Wales, she said: “Are these real right now? It’s a dragon. Lions and unicorns and dragons, oh my.” Viewers were quick to discuss the video, with one saying: “Girl you better get on your British slang/history. Considering recent developments,” while another joked: “The Queen is losing her mind!”

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