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Katrina Kaif, Saina Nehwal, Anushka Shetty: Who do you think would be the perfect match for Prabhas, the eligible bachelor?

Anushka Shetty, Katrina Kaif, Saina Nehwal; Who do you think would be the best match for India’s most eligible bachelor, Prabhas? – Katrina Kaif, Saina Nehwal, Anushka Shetty: Who do you think would be the perfect match for Prabhas, the eligible bachelor?

The the world’s current sensation is Prabhas aka Baahubali. Ever since the magnum opus released on 28th April, the movie has created quite the furore. Apart from the director’s genius vision and its compelling story, the powerful characters have been hugely praised. One such character that had fans floored is undoubtedly Amarendra Baahubali. Played by Prabhas, he was royalty personified. His mannerisms, his gait, his sense of conviction was alluring. He was humble yet intimidating, patient yet ferocious, brave yet vulnerable. This character has had everyone talking. Those who didn’t even know Prabhas, now want every update on the star. He is now a global sensation! But what’s most interesting about this Baahubali star is – He is single! Yes, the man who makes you go weak with his smile and his towering presence isn’t dating! In fact during the five years he shot for Baahubali, he rejected 6000 proposals that came his way. Yeah, we still can’t believe that the current viral icon is single. So we at Bollywoodlife decided to do something about his singledom. We picked five women across various fields who we think would be the perfect match for Prabhas! You can vote and tell us too, who you think who would be the perfect match for Prabha.

Their chemistry in Baahubali 2 was magical, almost like a  fairy tale. It was endearing, sizzling, poetic, dreamy – everything one would have imagined. SS Rajamouli could not have found a more perfect pair to play Amarendra and Devasena! Fans haven’t stopped swooning over this couple. If they were so magical on screen, one can only what they must be like off screen. Furthermore, both have always maintained their friendship. So, why can’t they just start dating?! After Samantha Ruth Prabhu-Naga Chaiatanya, this would be another couple, fans would be rooting for.

When it came to pick someone from Bollywood, we had only one name in mind – she’s  slightly goofily adorable and has a infectious smile, just like Prabhas’ and  is she quiet the stunner! We are talking about Katrina Kaif. Interestingly, both have a child-like charm about them. His towering presence and her striking yet delicate beauty would make them one picture perfect couple.

Now this is one couple that would turn the heat on! His magnetic persona and her seductive charm would make one smoking couple!, not to forget the global couple. Now, even Prabhas has become a global icon, so they would definitely have that one thing in common. What say? Both call for attention quietly when they enter the room. Imagine, if they get together!

Now this would be one interesting pair to watch out for! Two shining personalities, both have proved their grit and power – it would be quite the happening couple if Saina and Prabhas got together. May be she could teach him badminton and he could teach her sword fighting?

Now this would be the surprise of surprises! The smoking hot Angela wit the global icon Prabhas. They sure would make fans sit up! We cna’t help but think what aperfect apir the two would make, not to forget the most unique pair.

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