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Kareena Kapoor Khan gives you 9 dietary tips to get through your pregnancy successfully

Kareena Kapoor Khan reveals the secret behind Taimur Ali Khan’s gorgeous looks, her pre and post pregnancy diet and why she loves going to the gym

India’s leading nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar got together with her favorite client and Bollywood’s fittest mommy Kareena Kapoor Khan today to talk about the Dos and Donts of pregnancy diet and their latest collaboration – Pregnancy Notes: Before, During & After. Rujuta has had a great say in Kareena, Saif Ali Khan and now even Taimur Ali Khan’s diet. She is the brains behind Kareena’s fabulous looks. Here we list out some of the highlights of their discussion.

Stick to the basics

During the Facebook LIVE today, she revealed that Kareena didn’t have anything exotic during her pregnancy. The actress, who has always been known to be a fitness freak, stuck to seasonal and locally available food. You’ll be surprised to know that Kareena had basic things like Idli-cocunut chutney, Til Ke Laddoo, Chakli, Daal Chawal, Makhane, Pulses, Khichdi, Dates, Nutmeg milk shake and Turmeric latte during her pregnancy.

Listen to your Daadi, Naani and have lots of ghee and when your child grows up, give him too

Kareena swears by ghee and she revealed during the chat that she is soon going to start giving it to Taimur too, who is seven months old. She never compromised on the things she loves eating. Can you imagine during her trimester she used to have parathas drenched in ghee. “Somethings are never going to change. I love my food. I love the fact that I get to eat my all my normal food – ofcourse at the right time and the right quantity. I am not going to compromise it for anything. We always included everything that I liked in my diet. I used to have a lot of ghee (clarified butter). Infact, Taimur is going to start having ghee. He’ll start from a young age. Seven eight months is a good time to start.”

Get your husband cooking

When Rujuta asked one of her clients wants to know what should she do to make her child look like Taimur, Kareena said, “Have lots of ghee and lots of pasta.” Rujuta butted in, “Have a husband who cooks.” “Yeah, Saif had been preparing for his role for Chef so he kept preparing pasta,” Kareena quipped.

Eat all the vegetables, ALL

Kareena is a good girl this way as she loves eating all the ‘boring’ vegetables. “I love having Lauki, Turi and all that stuff… I am lucky to like Karela and Jwar. I can have it for three days a row.” And she gets Taimur to eat them as well. Catch them young, you see.”If it comes to Taimur‘s eating – it’s Lauki, Turi and basically a lot of local vegetables,” the mother added.

Early to bed, Early to Rise

Balanced diet and a good eight hours sleep have helped Kareena glow after pregnancy. “Thanks to Taimur, I like to wake up early, now. So that I can get more time with him in the morning. Sleeping early and waking early – a lot of my weight loss in the last six
months have happened because of the change in my lifestyle. Sleeping at 10:30 and then waking up at 7:30 in the morning has really helped me a lot, “Bebo revealed.

Kareena’s golden rule to avoid morning sickness in the first few months of pregnancy

Don’t drink tea or coffee on an empty stomach. Have Nimbu Paani with black salt and
buttermilk with asafoetida. Have Kesar paani and banana in the morning. Have local food and a lot of seasonal fruits – Jamun, strawberries cherry, mangoes, etc.

Stay active even during your pregnancy

Rujuta revealed that Kareena was very active throughout her pregnancy. So much so that Timur used to start crying if she would sit. He used to like it when she used to take him on walks. The nutritionist joked, “Have a baby who is used to you being fit.”

“Indians treat pregnant ladies like – ‘bhaith jao’, ‘so jao’, ‘have foot massages’, have food on your bed. But I was never like that. I always wanted to be out and about all the time. I
loved shooting and working during it. I wanted it that way. And perhaps
after it, to exercise was much easier,” Kareena said.

Have a king’s breakfast

“I am a breakfast person. I need food the moment I wake up. My brains don’t
work, otherwise. So pre-workout I have a good breakfast like poha, eggs and toast
or ajwain paratha. Post workout is always lunch – dahi rice. Something fulfulling.”

Don’t hesitate to hit the gym after having a baby

Kareena started working out about 50 days after her delivery. She says gyming is not just about losing calories, it’s about feeling good. “I love the idea of going to the gym.
I go with my friends, it’s good to have that time.”

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