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Kareena Kapoor Khan FINALLY takes us inside her gym and shows us how she works out

Get inspired by Kareena Kapoor Khan! – [Videos] Kareena Kapoor Khan FINALLY takes us inside her gym and shows us how she works out

Now this is what you call a perfect ‘Monday Motivation’! While everyone is trying hard to decode Kareena Kapoor Khan’s rapid weight loss post pregnancy. Amrita Arora just took to Instagram and shared some heavy workout videos of Bebo sweating it out in the gym. Yes, finally we can see what Bebo’s fitness routine looks like. For the uninitiated, Kareena’s workout is a blend of aerial yoga, aerial Pilates and aerial fitness; which explains why you won’t find her running on a treadmill or cycling. Instead, it’s more of stretches, Yoga and all the muscular exercises.

We are mighty impressed with Kareena and Amrita’s energy level in these videos. I mean, just look at that dedication! Every video is so power packed that the moment you watch it, you would want to sit up and take notice of the routine. No wonder, Kareena is shedding all those extra kilos so quickly and is setting a beautiful example for every mother who is wanting to get back in shape post pregnancy. That reminds us, recent buzz also suggests how Bebo is being approached to write a book on breaking stereotypes surrounding pregnancy and motherhood.

Anushka, who runs FlyFit reveals how this fitness routine is not only beneficial for weight loss but also gets a balance in the body. “A FlyFit workout releases endorphins into our bloodstream boosting our adrenalin and everything else, leading to the glowing complexion one sees in my clients after a class. As the yoga is done from an inverted position, the impact is internal and external for any posture. I like my clients to work out for at least an hour and for a minimum three times a week to start with and for all other days after that. It aids in quick weight loss as it’s a mixture of Pilates and asanas, boosts your metabolism and yet, is a fun way of keeping fit. It’s all about using your mind and soul to enhance your body.”

Apart from Kareena and Amrita, Malaika Arora and Karisma too work out through this same fitness routine. How inspired are you to take up FlyFit after watching these videos? Tell us in the comments below and keep watching this space for more updates.

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