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“Just with one word or one line I can be finished” – Kangana Ranaut

Two days before the release of Rangoon, we catch up with Kangana Ranaut and talk about what drove her towards the character…

Which part attracted you the most towards Miss Julia in Rangoon?

Vishal Bhardwaj’s direction is the most attractive aspect of the film. He is the one director who is on every actor’s wish list. This is a love story and the girl is central part of the story. I loved this aspect. Also I had Vishal sir’s narration, which adds to the credibility.

Who has given you the best compliment till date?

Filmmaker Anurag Basu. He is my mentor, he had launched me.  I have learnt acting skills from him. After watching Rangoon he called me up and said that you have done very well and unka compliment mere liye bahut mayne rakhta hai.

Your character jaanbaaz Julia in Rangoon, reminds us iconic 'Fearless Nadia'…

It’s not the story of Fearless Nadia. It is an amalgamation of many characters from the 1940s. When I did some research, I discovered that there were a lot of stuntwomen who were action heroines. People loved them to death. Vishal sir wanted to bring the iconic image of a woman with a hunter in hand. Julia is not jannbaaz from the very beginning, but becomes and develops into this personality eventually over time, this is what the movie is about when it comes to the character of Julia.

How much do you connect with the character?

I think hum sab believe karenge ki kuch pyar aisa hota hai jo pairon me bediyan ban jata hai. Julia is bound and stuck. She may be in love but the relationship is that of a bird who is caged, with Nawab Malik (Shahid’s character). The bird takes it flight and realize how happy can she be with the fight that she is experiencing with him. With Nawab her love is sufi type. That’s the kind of difference in the relationship she has with both the men.

How comfortable you were doing intimate scenes in the film?

The movie is also about war, that doesn’t mean we actually went on war, we just imitated it, likewise is the case with intimate scenes, it was an imitation of kissing, we were not actually doing it. This is a part of our job. We go to work and do our job and it is as simple as that.

Do you feel pressure with the release date?

Films add pressure to me. Pehle to film release hoti thi aur hum sote rahte the. We were not aware of box-office collection. People used to call me and tell that film is doing well. With every film now the pressure is building on me. It was not so much in my early age but now I do get a little stressed specially when you do a big budget film like Rangoon. I get stressed if the movie would do good. I would get my returns in form of appreciation and love.

Do you still get Friday jitters?

It’s the feeling that you get before the results. I remember 31st march was the day. On the day of result  I become a good girl, iske pahle bahut dhammal masti. Result ke time sudhar jaate hain. Same with the movies. Now exam time is coming….

You spoke very well on women rights. So, what’s the one thing you want to deal with onscreen?

Ladkiyon me khud ke liye acceptance nahi hai aur ladkiyan ladkiyon ko hi support nahi karti hain. That’s aspect I would like to bring in notice that we don’t support each other the way we should or we can. Ladkiyan, ladkiyon ka mazak udati hai. There is a mentality that girls are inferior or lesser. We look at each other also an inferior sex. We think that we should support or promote men because they are superior. I want to deactivate that thought and cinema is the medium where we can bring the change in mentality.

You always speak your mind, so what makes you so powerful?

I think I follow my instinct and impulse. I try to fight for right things. I stand up for things which I feel I should do. May be apko baad me lage ki I wasted my time but in that moment I do what I feel like.

What works in the industry – talent, film background or a star boyfriend?


Eventually it’s all about talent. Irrfan Khan is an actor who struggled and see where he has reached today. He is an international actor. If you have talent, nobody can stop you to achieve your goal.


You have seen many ups and downs in your carrier. How do you deal with negativity?

I do a lot of meditation and yoga, I take care of my health. Because we live stressful life. I can say something right now and it can literally ruin everything. Just with one word or one line I can be finished. We are walking on a thin rope all the time, so to have that sort of balanced sort of energies is very important. So to live this sensitive life is the idea of balance to yourself. To have good health, mental, emotional and physical health is the priority.  I need to have balance energies, since I am a public figure. I can’t afford to say things, which can get me down in an instinct. I try and maintain the balance. 


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