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Jennifer Lopez’s nine-year-old twins take part in first ever interview

Jennifer Lopez introduced her twins Max and Emme to Ellen DeGeneres

Jennifer Lopez introduced Ellen DeGeneres to her adorable nine-year-old twins Emme and Max during her interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The cute pair walked out together to join their mum, and while little Emme sat on her mum’s lap and shyly answered Ellen’s questions, Max was a little more nervous, and ended up hilariously hiding in the chat show host’s side table.

Talking about the twins, Jennifer said: “This is my little Emme! We call her Lulu. Me and Emme got dressed alike today, she’s my mini-me,” while Max attempted to hide from the audience. Spotting what he was up to, Ellen said: “Oh he’s hiding, I see! I understand. Do you want to get in the box? It’s fun in there.” Emme started laughing and clapping in reaction to her brother climbing into the box while Jennifer joked: “This is the quietest he’s been in nine years.” The Jenny from the Block singer’s son then tried to scare his mum and sister by jumping out of the box before demanding he be shut in again, leading Ellen to joke: “He’s really into this box,” as Jennifer added: “By the way, he’s very bossy.”

The star also opened up about her new boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, and how the pair met. “Let’s talk about Alex, I’m very excited for you,” Ellen said as Jennifer laughed. “He is a great guy… It’s very simple, I was having lunch somewhere and I saw him and he passed by. Then afterwards I went outside and felt like tapping him on the shoulder and I was like, ‘Hi Alex,’ and he said, ‘Hi! Jennifer!’ and that’s how we met.” She added: “He text me he said, ‘Let’s go out for dinner,’ and I said, ‘Okay.’ I don’t remember what we had for dinner but it was a nice dinner!”


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