I believe in spirits, says Lisa Ray – watch exclusive interview

Lisa Ray was all praise for Priyanka Chopra as well…. – I believe in spirits, says Lisa Ray – watch exclusive interview

Dobaara – See Your Evil is up for a June 2, 2017 release and it sees the return of Lisa Ray on the big screen after last year’s Veerappan. Lisa Ray is a choosy when it comes to doing films in Bollywood. How else can you explain her doing just four Bollywood films including upcoming Dobaara – See Your Evil in last sixteen years. In a BollywoodLife EXCLUSIVE, Lisa Ray talked about her upcoming film, her character, the comparisons with the original Oculus and working with Adil Hussain. Having done quite a few international projects, she also spoke about the rise of Priyanka Chopra and how she is proud of her achievements.

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Having done a movie like Dobaara, she told me, she is not a fan of the genre and usually find herself hiding while watching a horror film in theatre. However, she told me that she’s a fan of Jack Nicholson’s The Shining and spoke at length about what makes that film the masterpiece in horror genre.

When I asked him if Dobaara will be a game changer for the horror genre in Bollywood, just like what Baahubali did for fantasy-action. She was pretty confident and hopeful for it. Which speaks volumes about how much she believes in the content of the film.

Check out the video below:

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Then I asked her about her famous track, Aafreen-Aafreen. She was elated that people still remember that song, considering that in an industry which is very fickle. She was all praise for the kind of songs and work in general that was done in the 90s as that is still remembered by many. As today people don’t remember the things they saw yesterday but that is something else.

It was then when I asked her about the kind of genres she’s been doing and missed out mentioning Oscar nominated, Water. I realised how possessive she is about that film. And rightly so, as that film was indeed one that should be watched by everyone.

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