How Hrithik Roshan makes Saif Ali Khan lose sleep? This video will answer that question

Saif Ali Khan’s this statement on Hrithik Roshan is really interesting. – How Hrithik Roshan makes Saif Ali Khan lose sleep? This video will answer that question…

Good looks, good looks and good looks…that’s the first thing that comes to my mind every time somebody utters the name Hrithik Roshan. But I don’t love him for just that. Like Tiger Shroff once told me how he aspires to be Hrithik as he is a complete package. That means that apart from being ridiculously handsome, he also is a good actor – a combination rarely found these days. But then he often gets nominated at polls for good-looking men. Now we don’t know if that’s the reason but Saif Ali Khan, in one of his interviews a few years ago, did say how he would lose sleep if he keeps worrying about how good HR looks in movies.

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Saif was talking about his comment on how he doesn’t watch Hindi movies because there’s not much to learn from them. While talking to Anupama Chopra for Film Companion, he started his quote apologetically. He said, “That was a wrong comment. I mean there is a lot to learn from them. I apologise for the comment. Don’t take me seriously.” He then moves on to how he used to dislike watching his mother cry in films. When he got into films, all they could talk about was Hindi films so he used to watch American shows to get a breather from that. “I feel after a long day of work, it’s therapeutic for me to watch Hercules Poirot or a nice English TV show. Just switch off and not compete or constantly think about because you wouldn’t be able to help worrying. I mean if I was to watch how amazing Hrithik Roshan is looking all the time, I probably won’t be able to sleep properly. I’ll be stressed out thinking I’d better go to the gym,” quips Saif.

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Yes, it’s very random of him to mention HR here and may be he was saying this in jest but it did make us wonder…did Saif really think about Hrithik’s good looks so much or it’s just an example? Check out the video here

What do you think?

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