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Hate Story 4 Movie Review Not Tough To Hate This One

Hate Story 4 Movie Review Not Tough To Hate This One. Let’s Start Off With The Good News. There Isn’t Any. But, The Bad News Is That, In A Couple Of Years, There Will Be Yet Another Hate Story.

Let’s start off with the good news. There isn’t any. But, the bad news is that, in a couple of years, there will be yet another Hate Story. Quite simply, Hate Story 4 is a sad excuse for a film, given that it has been watched by moviegoers over and over again. It’s no different when pitted against every other Bollywood movie labelled an ‘erotic thriller’.

In fact, the story – and I use the word ‘story’ with a heavy heart because there isn’t one – is reminiscent of director Vishal Pandya’s last release, Wajah Tum Ho (2016). It takes a special kind of courage to lift your own idea, recycle it and create another film two years later. Tasha [Urvashi Rautela] is a stripper turned model. She makes love with two men, who are brothers, also referred to as the “two pandavas of Draupapdi”. Vivan Bhatena as Aryan and Karan Wahi as Rajveer of the Khurana parivar have girlfriends. But, Tasha is sexier, bolder and better in the “bistar”, and so, they make her the brand ambassador of their cosmetic brand.

What follows is murder, blackmail and revenge. But you need not worry about that because these elements are mere fillers. The film is primarily about heaving bosoms, in-your-face breasts and umpteen steamy sex scenes. Dialogue writer Milap Zaveri manages to pen some of the most cringe-worthy lines. Sample this – “Tumhara tareeka alag hai, but iraada wahi,” or “Tell me thank you, maza aane ke baad.”

Unfortunately, the acting is as bad as the writing. Urvashi Rautela has been restricted to the job of heaving, thrusting and teasing. It’s like her life depends on it. She is miserable with her oomph-raising histrionics. The boys just about manage to act. Gulshan Grover as the father of the two boys, is appreciable. In one scene, Rautela exclaims, ‘And the Oscar goes to…’ We’d say, eye the Razzies instead.

Hate Story 4 Movie Review Not Tough To Hate This One


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