Ex-politician Gurpreet Kaur Chadha wants to send a notice to Kangana Ranaut

Ex-politician Gurpreet Kaur Chadha wants to send a notice to Kangana Ranaut

Ex-politician Gurpreet Kaur Chadha wants to send a notice to Kangana Ranaut – Former General Secretary of Mumbai Regional Mahila Congress Gurpreet Kaur Chadha slams Kangana Ranaut for misrepresenting information in her case against Hrithik Roshan.

Kangana Ranaut and Gurpreet Kaur Chadha

At least get my name right. It’s Gurpreet, not Gurmeet,” says Gurpreet Kaur Chadha, former general secretary of the Mumbai Regional Mahila Congress, who finds herself in the midst of a controversy after Kangana Ranaut alleged that she refused to help her in her long standing legal tussle with actor Hrithik Roshan. Ranaut made the statement during an interview she gave to a talk show for Hindi channel that aired two days ago.

The actor claimed that Chadha, who had initially agreed to support her when she found herself in the middle of an ugly controversy over an alleged romance gone wrong and leaked personal emails, later chickened out saying the Roshans were too powerful for anyone to take on.

“When I referred to Rakeshji [Roshan] and Hrithik as ‘bade log’, I didn’t intend to intimidate her [Kangana] like she is now suggesting. It was a simple comment,” says Chadha, referring to Ranaut’s accusation that the members of the women’s committee were “saleable hypocrites”.

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Ranaut told the channel that Chadha, who she suggested belonged to the Maharashtra State Commission for Women (MSCW), was initially vested in her due to the “high-profile” nature of the case, but pulled back since she is close to the Roshans.

Chadha didn’t deny that she knows the producer-director, but reasoned, “Kangana and Rangoli [Ranaut’s sister] wanted to amicably sort out the issue and reached out to me because Rakeshji is like family. When I connected with him, he said he’d be willing to communicate only if Kangana apologised. When I told Rangoli about this, she said, ‘The case is with the Cyber Crime Cell; they will pursue it.

Chadha adds that despite her requests, the Ranauts failed to send across a written complaint on the matter for her to pursue it officially. “There was no further communication with them. Rangoli stopped answering my calls.” While Ranaut had spoken about Chadha’s association with the MSCW, a claim that both, Chadha and the commission’s president Vijaya Rahatkar refuted, sister Rangoli now says she “really didn’t know” who Chadha was when they first met.

“A common friend got her to our home since she was in a position to help us. She assured us aid, highlighting that she works with the women’s commission. But, two days later, she called us from Roshan’s office and said that the commission wouldn’t pursue the matter since they are powerful people,” Rangoli tells mid-day, adding that this was the reason Kangana didn’t approach Chadha again.

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Chadha says a legal notice is in order. “Kangana owes me an apology. I will send her a notice. I could even sue her for defamation but I wouldn’t do that to another woman.

Rahatkar chides the actor for dragging the commission into the controversy. “An educated woman like Kangana should be measured with her words before speaking loosely about responsible organisations. Neither has she approached us, nor is Gurpreet Chadha associated with us.

Interestingly, Sheetal Mahatra, president of the Mumbai Regional Mahila Congress, says she wasn’t informed about the case.
“Gurpreet has not been active for the past year because of personal engagements. I was never informed about this case. After watching the episode [interview], I sent Kangana a text message, but I’m yet to hear from her.

Ex-politician Gurpreet Kaur Chadha wants to send a notice to Kangana Ranaut

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