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Elli Avram Photoshoot For Rebecca Dewan

Elli Avram Photoshoot For Rebecca Dewan

The actress Elli Avram was born on July 29, 1990 in Sweden and she spent her life in Tyreso Kommun, Stockholm. Elli Avram got her early education at Frans Schatau High School in Stockholm and at the childhood age Elli Avram was highly interested in the figure skating, singing and dancing as well and she also learnt many of the acting skills from her mother and aunt that were running the theater in the Sweden as well.

Elli Avram showed her interest in the Bollywood film industry from her little age and also said in an interview that I am really fond of Indian dance and highly inspired of the colorful clothes of the Indian personalities as well. The father of the actress Elli Avram was a Greek musician and the actress found some of the melodies that are related to the Indian songs and she was mostly listening to that as well.

Elli Avram started her career at the age of 17 and joined the dance group Sundbyberg and mostly performs on Bollywood songs and also performs some of the acting performances in Sweden as well. Elli Avram also performed in Swedish television serials and attracted the people of the country to like and take interest in the performance of the actress as well.

Bollywood Actress Elli Avram Photoshoot For Rebecca Dewan

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