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Did you know Jhanvi Kapoor refused to speak to Sridevi for THREE days after watching Sadma?

Jhanvi Kapoor’s reaction after watching Sridevi’s Sadma is basically us! – Did you know Jhanvi Kapoor refused to speak to Sridevi for THREE days after watching Sadma?

Sridevi will complete her 300th film with MOM and the actress went down the memory lane about all her previous films throughout the years. In fact, in an interview with Bombay Times, she revealed that Jhanvi Kapoor was really disturbed after watching Sadma and she was just six years old then. The star kid didn’t speak to her mother for three days for leaving Kamal Haasan in the film. Well, we all know how Sadma’s ending has affected each one of us. We don’t blame Jhanvi for breaking down and being blue for a couple of days. Some of us were blue for weeks after watching the film!

Sridevi said,” Janhvi saw the movie when she was around six years old and she didn’t talk to me for three days. She told me, `You are a bad mamma. You were so mean to him’.” Aww! The actress also added that the movie wasn’t so emotionally draining for her. She said,” Actually, Sadma wasn’t an emotionally draining film for me; it must have been for the audience. I was playing a woman who was like a child; it was Kamal Haasan’s character that was intense and very emotional towards the end.

The actress also got nostalgic on completing 300 films and 50 years in the Indian cinema. She said,” I wouldn’t want to change anything about my career. I hadn’t planned any of this; it fell into my lap and I am grateful to God for it. I just want it to remain like this. My mom and I never thought that I would make my way into Bollywood. I was happy doing films down South. When my first Hindi film Solva Sawan (the 1979 remake of a Tamil film) was being made, I thought… `Yeh picture toh South main hit ho gaya, so they are making it in a different language’. That’s all.Then, I came to know that the film didn’t do well and I went back to doing other Southern language films. It was as simple as that.”

She adds,” Before Himmatwala (1983) happened, the producers had taken my dates for another Telugu film, and all of a sudden, they said that they weren’t doing that movie anymore, instead, they were doing a Hindi film with Jeetendra. My first reaction was that if my Hindi debut was a flop, then why do they want me to do another film? They didn’t bother to hear me out and went ahead with it. I kept thinking that these people are mad to be doing this (laughs!). I am glad that I did Himmatwala because, after that, one film led to the other. Talking about Mom, the moment I heard it, I was drawn to the subject. It touched my heart. I had a good feeling about it and I always go by my instinct.”

Coming back to Jhanvi’s reaction on Sadma, what are your thoughts on this? Tell us in the comments below and stay hooked with us for more.

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