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Did Parineeti take a devious dig at Alia and Shraddha’s singing?

Parineeti Chopra has taken formal music education and debuted with ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu.’

Mumbai: The trailer of Parineeti Chopra’s upcoming film ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’ was released in parts and each part touched upon the lives of Bindu (Parineeti Chopra) and Abhi (Ayushmann Khurrana).

And, the trailer has been loved and has been the talk of the town in the recent days.

Prior to the trailer’s release, the makers of the film released a video song, which marked the singing debut of actress Parineeti.

Again, the song also touched many hearts. It’s Pari’s soulful singing that brought the real essence of the lyrics in the song.

The audience has accepted her singing with open arms.

Parineeti, who has taken professional music education, spoke her heart out about her music endeavour in Bollywood to a leading daily. .

When asked by the daily about her counterparts Alia Bhatt and Shraddha Kapoor’s singing, or how different did she want to be from them?

To which the fearless Pari replied, “I swear I didn’t even think of all these things. I am so obsessed with music in life. When I was at that recording studio behind that mic, I was just thinking about me singing. And I just wanted to sing as technically sound as it could be. I didn’t want any auto tune. What you hear in the song is my take. Nothing has been ‘fixed’. And I’m proud of the fact that it wasn’t required because I have learnt music. Using auto tune would have been a slap on my music education.”

By saying this did she take a dig at these two actress’ singing abilities?


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