Deepika Padukone HAS NOT removed her tattoo, here’s proof

Deepika Padukone’s tattoo is right where it is supposed to be, we believe. – Deepika Padukone HAS NOT removed her tattoo, here’s proof

Deepika Padukone did something many in love do. She got the tattoo of her boyfriend’s initials on the nape of her neck. It was her way of telling the world she is taken by Ranbir Kapoor. But things didn’t work out and they broke up. However, that tattoo made on and off appearances and there were even reports that she has gotten it removed. Like for example her Bangladeshi ad for a soap brand. The image that went viral had Deepika flaunting her toned back and there is no sign of any tattoo there. So did she finally get rid of it? We don’t think so.

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We feel it’s the handiwork of makeup. Deepika might have just hidden it for the ad because she has sported that tattoo for a long time now. In fact, for a soft drinks commercial also, the tattoo was hidden. The reason why we are confident that Deepika has not removed the tattoo is the fact that during her Met Gala outing, we did see a hint of that tattoo on her as well. Check out these images.

Deepika however has never been embarrassed about her RK Tattoo. When she was asked during an event to comment about it, Deepika had retorted, “Why? Does the nation want to know?”  Ranbir was also heard supporting the actress’ decision on what she wants to do with the tattoo. He had said earlier during a press interaction, “It’s up to her (Deepika) if she doesn’t want to remove it. Deepika’s conscience is clear and she clearly knows what she is doing.”

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