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Bigg Boss Tamil contestant Oviya gets targeted by her housemates, supporters launch a ‘Save Oviya Movement’ on social media

Oviya’s simplicity has made her quite popular on Tamil Bigg Boss, hosted by Kamal Haasan – Bigg Boss Tamil contestant Oviya gets targeted by her housemates, supporters launch a ‘Save Oviya Movement’ on social media

Tamil actress Oviya Helen is winning hearts with her simplicity on Bigg Boss Tamil. From the very first day she made it clear that she has entered the house as an individual and that she is not keen on joining any groups. She takes a stand whenever required and doesn’t fear giving her opinions on matters. Her statement to Ganja Karuppu,”Shut up pannuga”, garnered a lot of attention from the viewers. Some people even released T-shirts with her quote. Music composer Yuvan Shankar Raja even expressed his desire to dedicate a song to Oviya in his upcoming film Balloon.

It was believed that she was brought on board just as an eye candy but people were pleasantly surprised to find out how funny and witty she is in real life. Oviya’s simplicity and caring nature might have earned her a lot of love from her fans but her housemates accused her of playing a dirty game. She was nominated by her fellow contestants in the first week itself. However, ‘Oviya’s army’ and ‘Oviyans’ saved her. BJP member,Gayathri Raghuram, who is also one of the contestants on the show, got into trouble when he called her behaviour, ‘cherri’ (which is a derogatory term used for the people who live in the slums). Oviya’s fans launched a war against him on twitter and other social networking sites after which Kamal Haasan, the host of the show, pulled him up. Raghuram was later made to apologize to Oviya.

Oviya won hearts of the people in Tamil when she supported Bharani, who was also cornered by other housemates. He later got eliminated for trying to escape from the house, but the incident worked in favour of Oviya. People started trending hashtags like ‘Oviya for CM’ on twitter. Haasan too praised her for having a positive approach to most of the things happening in the house. She is one contestant who has been nominated continuously for three times. Tamil Nadu, however, save her with over 1.5 crore votes.

This didn’t go down really well with her haters. They took a lot of jibes at Oviya. Julie, one of the contestants of the show conspired against Olvia and managed to turn everyone against her. Oviya couldn’t take the pressure anymore and had a major break down. The female characters of Bigg Boss — Gayathri, Namitha, Julie and Raiza got severely criticised on social media after Friday’s episode (July 22). It didn’t stop there. Agitated fans of Oviya launched a ‘Save Oviya Movement’, which will be held at Marina Beach between July 22 to July 26. If the Facebook event is to go by then, 56,000 people are likely to attend it.

A lot of celebrities including actor Silambarasan, director Venkat Prabhu, comedians Sathish, Robo Shankar and Karunakaran have come out in strong support for Oviya. She is reportedly flooded with film offers.

The 26 year old started her acting debut alongside Prithviraj in the Malayalam film Kangaroo. She shot to fame with Tamil rural comedy, Kalavani. Oviya was also seen in a guest appearance in Kamal Haasan’s Manmadhan Ambu.


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