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Angela Krislinzki Hot And Beautiful HD Wallpapers

Angela Krislinzki Hot And Beautiful HD Wallpapers

When i was a child my mother read me fairy tales! she told me about princesses and angels with sparkling green eyes, flawless fair skin, pink blushy cheeks, miraculous smiles, petette structure, voice as sweet as honey… my sister played with barbie dolls and i always thought does such girls exist! 15 years down the line i saw such a angel on screen on a tv show called splitsvilla, she had the perfect smile, doll like features and beautifull sea green eyes… i was in love with her beauty… i tried searching for her on networking sites to know whether she is for real, then i went to u.k for my further studies and absolutly forgot about my search for my dream girl. i met a million girls from all over the world dated them yet no face appealed to me as much as her preety face.. i still cant forget wen i first saw her on screen… wen i was back home i saw her picture in a magzine and i lost my breath… i googled her and found out about her new show beauty and the geek… and found out she was a big name by now as she was endorsing a lot of brands by now.

There was something about her that pulled me towards her beauty and i wanted to see whether what i see on screen is it for real. i finally got to see her in my store launch… i was very nerves on meeting her and finally i get to see a real princess a living angel.she was dressed in pink floral dress, with beautifull golden silky waist length hair, she was milky fair with skin as soft as butter, flawless so pure, i thought she wore lenses but she had natural aqua green eyes, doe shaped eyes with the perfect brows. strawberry lips so soft and luscious. her delicate manerisms, her perfect smile, her sweet voice, she was so pettete and tall, i thought she was a living angel.

South Actress Angela Krislinzki Hot And Beautiful HD Wallpapers


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