An anonymous author lashes out at Gal Gadot, calls her a “predator who enables predators

An anonymous author lashes out at Gal Gadot, calls her a “predator who enables predators – This shocking allegation about “Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot will leave you stunned.

After taking a stand against Brett Ratner and getting him kicked out of Wonder Woman 2 for his alleged acts of sexual harassment, looks like Gal Gadot has run into some trouble. An anonymous author has lashed out at the actress, alleging she is not just a bully, but a predator who enables other predators. In fact, this unknown person has gone ahead and alleged that Gal even put her down and blamed her for everything after one of the actress’ friends raped this anonymous author. The story was posted on Medium by a user known as Ima Survivor, but it has been taken down for violating the website’s policies. Shocked? Well, here’s what the person had to say.

Hindustan Times quoted this anonymous person saying in the story, “Gal is more than a bully; she is a predator who enables predators. Thirteen years ago, I shared an apartment with Gal Gadot for two months in Milan, Italy. Several young girls lived in the building, all under contract with the same modeling management company. I felt safe with Gal. I did not realize then how little I knew about rape, predators, and the culture that supports them.Gal and I spent most of our free time together. We shared food, clothes, and makeup. We went to the gym. We went shopping and tanning together. We went on photo shoots together. I made her a mix CD. I sang her to sleep. I watched her smoke constantly out of the window. We shared body insecurities, and she shared sex stories.

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Coming to the night when she was raped, the writer wrote, “I woke up in Yaniv’s bed, naked. He had removed my clothes when I was unconscious. I remember him climbing on top of me. I could just barely say no, and this isn’t right. Then I blacked out. I woke up again while he continued raping me. He was restraining my arms so I couldn’t move. It was violent. There was pain. I will never forget how he looked in that dark room. I will never forget the absolute panic I felt. It was terror. I thought he would kill me next. His rape was full of hate. He did not look at me. I woke up the next morning, groggy and delirious. I asked Yaniv what happened. I wanted to hear him say it. ‘We had sex,’ he said, and shrugged. ‘I thought you knew.’ ‘I told you no,’ I said, quietly. ‘You told me no but your body told me yes,’ he said. That line still haunts my mind, 13 years later.

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However, rather than comforting her and taking her roommate’s side, Gal Gadot got angry on her and blamed her for everything. As the writer wrote, “She took me down to the basement. It was cold, mechanical, and frightening. We were alone. Then her anger exploded. She stood over me, intimidating and loud, blaming me for what happened. Her eyes were fire. I had already felt small and violated, but she shamed me into feeling obsolete. I felt extremely dirty. Already in shock, I disassociated from my body. I can’t remember most of her words. I remember being in utter terror of her anger. She referred to the rape as ‘your mistake.’ Gal has succeeded in a predatory industry because she is a predator. She is unafraid to destroy others in pursuit of her ambitions. Like any strong predator, she knows how to target, destroy, and consume the weakest and most vulnerable.

A cached version of the post can be read here. We wonder how Gal Gadot will react this. Anyway, stay tuned to BollywoodLife as we get you more details about this incident right here.

An anonymous author lashes out at Gal Gadot, calls her a “predator who enables predators

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