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Amber Heard Leaked Images Bikini Photos

Amber Heard Leaked Images Bikini Photos

The film was critically acclaimed and she received critical acclaim for her effortless acting. She is blessed with natural good looks and should give the top stars a good run for their ,money in the years to come. Amber is still trying to find her feet in the Hollywood movie industry. She is yet to deliver any real blockbuster but her efforts on screen has been well appreciated by the critics. her salary per movie is not much publicized but going by her net worth we can safely assume that the amount is not enough to raise any eyebrows. She will a solo release in 2012 which is still in post-production.Amber Heard Leaked Images Bikini Photos.

This year has been lucky for her till now as she has been signed by apparel giant, Guess. She looks nice and sexy in the ads and this should give her the required media boost. Amber usually shuttles between Austin and Los Angeles but there is no information available regarding her ownership of houses. However, we do know that she is a great fan of muscle cars. She drives a Ford Mustang (1968 model) around town and previously she used to own 1967 Mercedes and a Checker Cab (1962 model). During press interviews she has often revealed that she grew up around guns. In fact she herself owns a .357 Magnum.

We reckon she will add to her car collection as soon she land up some big movie projects! Amber was born and raised in Austin, Texas. She attended St. Michael’s Catholic Academy. but she left it midway to pursue her dream to become an actress. After she dropped out of school she went to New York to start her career as a model and then she went to Los Angeles to try her luck in films. Amber gave an interview in which she said that she does not differentiate between man and woman for loving. She claimed that she had successful relationships with both men and women. For the records, Amber is now dating Tasya Van Ree.

Hollywood Actress Amber Heard Leaked Images Bikini Photos


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