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Aditi Myakal Latest Hot Photoshoot

Aditi Myakal Latest Hot Photoshoot – Aditi Myakal is a Telugu language actress and model. She acted in the movies Ami Thumi and Arjun Reddy. She has a web series on YouTube, Posh Poris. She started with short films, web series and then acted in feature films. There’s an interesting story we share with our interviewee here. Voxspace and Aditi Myakal go way back. In the sense that, we both know each other from almost a year. So the story goes like this. When we were just starting out, as a website, we wanted to run a feature on promising indie talents across the city. It was in this pursuit that we approached Aditi Myakal as she was marking her niche with her web work via Papa P Susheela.

We texted her that we’d love to do a feature on her. But Aditi was incredibly humble when she said that she wasn’t famous enough to be covered. We understood that and dropped the attempt, but we always knew that there was something about her, that reeked undeniable talent and success. A year later, it came as a joyful surprise to see her earning all the acclaim with her latest movie Ami Thumi. Of course, this time around she agreed to give the interview. So much had changed in the last year or so, as we began discussing her journey within these changes. The excerpts of it follow.

Actress Aditi Myakal Latest Hot Photoshoot


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