Best Haircuts to Enable Your Impulsive Summer Chop

Best Haircuts to Enable Your Impulsive Summer Chop

The best things in life are the ones you don’t overthink, and that includes the strange magic of the impulse haircut. (Bangs are the exception. I strongly advise against getting bangs without first carefully weighing the outcome.) A good haircut can be transformative in and of itself, true, but there’s a certain supplementary confidence in being like, “I’m just going to go do this thing without worrying about it too much,” and then doing it. See? Done. Hopefully you’re happy with it!,Best Haircuts to Enable Your Impulsive Summer Chop.

For some evolutionary reason (blood pressure?), warmer weather makes everyone lose their minds a little, and bad ideas suddenly start to seem like excellent life choices. Those are your impulses speaking, and heat really brings ’em out—so for a safe alternative to spending sprees, promiscuous sex, and binge eating, look to a major haircut. Go ahead; chop it right off. Any one of the 19 best summer haircuts will make you feel like a badass, even if the only thrill you’ll get this season is the one you get when you leave the office at 2 pm on a Summer Friday. (It’s the little things.)

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Hollywood Actress Best Haircuts to Enable Your Impulsive Summer Chop

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